Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hanging Red & Aqua Circle Decor

My daughter turned ONE this past week. None of our immediate family was in town (parents) to have a huge celebration, so we invited a few friends and our siblings over for cupcakes and ice cream. For the festivities, I contact my friend Heather from Peach Pizzazz for a little inspiration help. I told her that I wanted the colors to be aqua and red and she came back to me with this:

Isn't it gorgeous?!? She sent a corresponding link for each picture and several other ideas to match my theme. I loved the bottom right image, but it didn't have a tutorial so I thought I'd make one for you!

How-To Make Hanging Circle Decorations

Cut tons of circles out of the paper of your choice! I cheated and went to my local scrapbook store, Pebbles in my Pocket which has a die cut machine. I cut out several sizes of circles to make the garlands more interesting.

Cut even lengths of string according to how many garlands you want to make.

Layout the circles in the pattern you want. Then flip them over so the back side of the circle is showing.

Attach the circles to your string using a piece of tape. If you want these decorations to be beautiful 360 degrees, use double sided tape instead and sandwich the string between two circles.

I ripped off tons of little pieces of tape to make the process go faster.

Repeat these steps until you have as many garlands as you want! I made seven.

Finally, hang your circles!
I used mine as a backdrop behind her highchair where the cupcake demolishing occurred.

Isn't she a doll? Love those ears.

Part two party pictures coming tomorrow!


  1. Wow, they look awesome! Great work! And thanks so much for the feature!

  2. Thanks Heather! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Too weird! Not the deco. I love it! What's weird is that I'm in redesign think mode for my kitchen and I scored a 3 tiered vintage cart that I bought aqua spray paint for, then realized that my vintage metal topped table is red, my vintage stool is red, and I didn't know how it would all look together. Now I know. Great!

  4. The bottom right was the pic that attracted me, too. Well done. Happy days! xx

  5. That garland is great! So fun!

  6. wonderful DIY!

    just stumbled across your blog and i have to say its LOVELY! do drop by mine too when you have some time. perhaps we can follow each other! =)


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  8. SO CUTE!! You made it look so easy! :)


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