Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You've Stolen My Heart Doily Table Runner

I. Am. So. Totally. Making. This.

I wasn't sure what I initially thought of the doily craze and now I am deliciously in love with it. What do you think about all of the doily projects everywhere?


  1. This is darling. Another cute thing to do with doilies is make them into bowls. Turn an appropriate size bowl upside down. Thoroughly douse the doily in spray starch. Drape it over the bowl and smooth it out then let it dry. There you have it - a doily bowl. It's a really cute way to display candy or a small vase with a single flower.

  2. i love doilies and have used them in several projects over on my blog.
    that table runner is great.

  3. I used to think doilies were just for old ladies...not anymore! LOVE the doily trend...


    This tablerunner is fabulous!

  4. I think it was on Crap I've Made that I saw she dyed some doilies, I think this runner would be super cute with the different colored doilies. Now where do I find enough doilies to make this ???

  5. Katie, you can find them at thrift stores, antique stores, some craft stores and estate sales.


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