Friday, June 11, 2010

Utah Valley Parade of Homes- Part 2

The second half of my Utah Valley Parade of Homes journey was, can I say it, even BETTER than the first half! This weekend would be a perfect time to head out, because if you don't have an entire day to browse, it will take you a few days to get through all of the homes. You can purchase tickets at any of the homes, online, Macy's grocery stores or at AmBank (3670 N. University Ave, Provo)

Ready for more of my favorites?

2010 Utah Valley Parade of Homes Eye Candy


Especially for Children

Gorgeous Bedrooms

Pieces I Want

"Drool Worthy" Architectural Elements

I have linked each image to the home they were found in, if you are interested.

If you went/go to the 2010 Utah Valley Parade of Homes, I would love to hear which home was your favorite!


  1. Hey! Chris made the door on that castle looking house on your first segment of the parade. I'm not sure what other doors he did but they have a few doors on a few homes in the parade. Amazing house isn't it?

  2. Hey! i got your comment on my blog and literally am laughing so hard out myself.

    i seriously am loving that. he was the cutest little guy just taking pictures, i did..i fell in love with him.

    but about your blog, i'm happy you left a comment or else i would have never found it. its fantastic. and isn't the parade of homes the best time of life? i always leave gushing.


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