Saturday, May 8, 2010


Dear Future Me-

Next time you decide to completely sand down and refinish something, count how many spindles it has. If the count totals more than three, step away slowly. You should have learned your lesson with that blasted high chair with its 18 spindles.

Thank you-
Past Self

I've been working on this high chair for four weekends straight. Stripping, sanding, sanding, sanding, staining, polyurethaning, sanding, polyurethaning....sheesh.

It'll be worth it...right???


  1. Yes, it will be worth it...

  2. I feel your pain. I had a wooden spiral staircase installed in my house and decided to sand/stain it myself to save money - there are 31 - count 'em! 31! - spindles on that sucker. And more nooks & cranies ... never again. It took over a month to finish the staircase.

  3. Thanks for the warning and although I don't really get drawn to things with spindles, I will admit to wanting a rocking chair... but I shall remember your words. xx

  4. Holy Smokes! I just bought this same chair at a thrift store for $25 and just spray painted it a fantastic shade of red. I admire your dedication to stain though! It will be amazing and you'll love it!


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