Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Love a Good Lamp Re-Do

Always when browsing through a secondhand store, I stop in the lamp section. You never know what kind of treasures you may find hiding under a ginormous lamp shade. You know the lamps I'm talking about. They look something like these:

They have an awesome base, but are SO TALL and have a huge lamp shade. So what do you do to modernize these babies?

Step One: Remove the lamp shade

Step Two: Unscrew the light bulb (if there is one)

Step Three: Unscrew the socket from the base

Step Four: Remove the socket cover, see below

Step Five: Unwrap the wires from the screws holding it in place. Remember where the smooth wire wraps around and where the ribbed wire wraps around or review this lamp rewiring video.

Step Six: Once the wires are detached from the socket, you should be able to pull the wires out of the neck and base.

Step Seven: Inside the neck will be a long threaded rod. Mine was copper. This rod is what determines the height of the lamp since it connects the lamp socket and the base. I cut my rod in half with a hand saw according to the height I wanted the shade to sit at. You can also buy different sizes of threaded rods if you prefer.

Step Eight: Put everything back together. Every lamp is different, but here are the basics:

Final Details: I purchased a new lamp shade from Target's Liberty of London collection and spray painted my base black.


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  1. i just redid a lamp I scored at a garage sale. Check it out!!!


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