Monday, May 24, 2010

High Chair Reveal

After more than a month of working on this high chair, complaining the whole's finally done. And I love it:

My little girl does, too. She was being such a ham for our photo shoot.

Here's what I did:

Step One: Dismantled the chair- removed the tray, tray arms and seat belts.

Step Two: Tried to remove the previous polyurethane coat by hand sanding.

Step Three: Used stripper to remove the polyurethane. I didn't use the stripper at first because I personally don't like having to clean up all of the gunk it leaves behind. But it worked.

Step Four: Still had to sand parts down until the wood was back to its original form.

Step Five: Cleaned the sand off and applied three coats of walnut stain. In between each coat, I waited the appropriate amount of dry time according to the back of my can of stain. (At this point in the process I also stained the top of the high chair's tray)

Step Six: Waited 24 hours and then applied first coat of polyurethane.

Step Seven: After first coat dried, I lightly sanded each piece and then applied another coat of polyurethane.

Step Eight: Created a flower pattern out of clear contact paper, attached it to the high chair tray and then spray painted three coats of spray paint.

Step Nine: Removed contact paper when paint was still slight wet.

Step Ten: Roughed up the edges of the tray to give it a "weathered" feel.

Step Eleven: Put everything back together!



  1. Looks WONDERFUL! Totally worth the bogs of effort. Nice work!

  2. It is beautiful...definitely worth it. Can we see a close up of the flower?

  3. What a masterpiece. Seriously, it is so cute. Definitely worth all that hard work!

  4. This looks fantastic!! Great work!

  5. Great high chair...very pretty! But even prettier baby, omg! Too cute!!!

  6. LOOOOOOVE IT! Baby E. is so freaking cute.

  7. Posted a close up of the flower today!


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