Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yarn Wall Art

Have you seen these yarn wall art designs floating around out there?!? I am in love.

Decor It Yourself shows us a beginning pattern to start from.

And then this guy ran with this same idea for a spectacular yarn wall art design!

And another from Apartment Therapy:
The real question is...would I ever have the guts to put hundreds of tiny holes in my wall to create this look?


  1. They look really cool, but I don't think I could put holes in my wall.

    Maybe you could do it on a big piece of plywood and paint it a cool color and then do this one it...I dunno I'm going out idea though.

  2. ohhhh I really love your blog! string art is insane :-)

    when you have time check out my blog!

    ~L~ DIY diva

  3. If the pins are small enough, they would probably all fill in with a coat of fresh paint on the wall.


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