Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dear Welby Sunburst Clock,

I love you.

I found an Eames Era Welby clock at my local thrift store for $6 and knew I had struck gold. As soon as I saw it, I envisioned it as a sunburst and promptly put it in my cart. I am so happy that I did.

How did I make it into a sunburst, you may ask? Simple. Here's how:

I had a clock purchased at Target three years ago that stopped working two years ago (Shows the quality of items made opposed to this Welby that was made in the 60s and still works??? But that is a totally different topic.) and took the back off of it. The back had a convenient circle that allows the Welby's clock mechanisms to poke through. I also wanted a circular base to line up the "sunbursts." The "sunbursts" are actually skewers I found at my grocery store for $2. I bought two packages, one with skinny skewers and one with thicker skewers.

Cut my skinny skewers to size and left the thicker ones alone.

Placed the thick skewers around the circle at even intervals and glued down.

Added the thinner skewers at a lower level in between the thicker skewers and glued in place.

Attached the sunburst portion to the clock and let dry over night. Aren't my Great Northern Bean weights awesome? They worked like a charm.

Covered the face of the clock.

Spray painted the skewers black and also painted the numbers black (not shown).

Voila! A beautiful enhancement of an already pretty cool clock.

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  1. that is such a transformation! you have a good eye for that!

  2. I make clocks on the side & last week I thought, "I should make a sunburst clock" so when I saw your post, I of course was excited! I LOVE that you took a great clock and added to it! Looks incredible!

  3. I. LOVE. IT. Great job! I love the way the numbers look after you painted them black! :)

  4. This is such a great idea! I love it!

    I am definitely on the look at for some skewers now!

    FABULOUS job!

  5. I love it! You are one crafty mama!

  6. Saw you on Shanty2Chic and had to come get a closer look. Great vision on this project. I am getting so many good ideas from these link parties. TFS

  7. I love how it turned out Anna Rose. Great job!

  8. This is extremely cool, and I totally agree with you about the quality of products these days. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Oooh I am loving this re-do! I love the style of that piece and how you made it your own. Found you via Just A Girl, and I'm having fun poking around!
    Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont


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