Thursday, March 18, 2010

Who Are You?

You may wonder sometimes about who The How-To Gal is...I mean...what kind of a person would take scissors to a perfectly good pair of leather dress shoes? Or who would make a headboard out of copper paper?? Or who would cut up toilet paper rolls and put them on her mantle??? My one year blogiversary is on March 22nd (watch for a FUN giveaway!) and I realized that I have never properly introduced myself!

So...hi! I'm Anna Rose. Yep, both Anna and Rose. Anna Rose. Born in Idaho, raised in Montana and currently living in Utah, I am 100% a small town girl. I grew up in a home where refinishing furniture, renovating and crafting were everyday occurrences. In fact, I plainly remember (if you can believe it) pulling up hot pink carpet at the age of 4 in my parent's room. Underneath that carpet was a beautiful hardwood floor- I've been hooked on bringing out the beauty in forgotten things ever since.

Fun facts about me. I...
  • have a weird thing with food textures. I can't eat jello, yogurt with fruit in it, clams (clam chowder), gummy candies, shredded wheat, cottage cheese, bananas (unless they are green and a little crunchy), orange juice with the get the idea.
  • can't leave a message in my inbox marked "unread," it bothers me
  • have never lived in any one place longer than 6 years
  • couldn't be happier than to go thrifting one day, find a piece of furniture dieing to be beautified and refinish it that same day.
  • have a handsome husband of four years and a beautiful baby girl who just reached the 8 month mark
  • love the 20s and 50s style
  • have an amazing seamstress of a mother, but still struggle with the sewing machine
  • hate burlap and don't understand why it's so trendy right now...
  • would wear a cameo (brooch, necklace, bracelet, whatever) with every outfit if I could
  • am named after two grandmothers, Anne and Rosa, hence the double name
  • love everything Dan Brown has written...currently on the last few pages of Digital Fortress
Thank you to all who have joined me on this wild ride of The How-To Gal blog. Hopefully this post has given you insight into my quirkiness. I love sharing my projects with you and seeing your projects, too!

Happy beautifying!


  1. Hi!
    I've just started following you a few weeks ago. Love your site.

    I also have a daughter who just hit the 8 month mark. :)

  2. Fun to get to know you! We have a lot in common...well, except the burlap thing :)
    Love your blog!

  3. Funny, I too can't stand burlap, can't leave an unread message in my inbox, have a mother who's an awesome seamstress, but struggle myself... No wonder I love your blog! Nice to get to know you!

  4. Those are fun little tidbits. It's nice to get to "know" the lady behind the ideas :)

  5. I think the aversion to burlap originates back to the fourth grade when I had to wear a burlap potato sack in my role as an "Idaho Potato" in a school program...I just can't imagine decorating with it now :)


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