Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hi friends! I'm in Wyoming for the next two weeks visiting family.

Until I'm able to post again, I found some fun tutorials to check out in the mean time!

String Pendant Lamp

A written out tutorial can be found on Instructables HERE.

Baby Food Jar to Darling Pin Cushion
Tutorial found HERE.

Silk Scarf Pillows
Tutorial found HERE.

Wall Art Out of Electrical Tape

Instructable found HERE.


  1. Thank you..I was just wondering what I could do with some extra baby food jars I have. Thats too cute!! Oh and I live in Wyoming...hope you are enjoying the weather

  2. Hey no problem! My parents live in Cheyenne and have been bugging me forever to come visit with my new baby :) So we're here for two weeks! Thanks for following my blog!


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