Monday, February 8, 2010

Shoe Refashion

I wanted a new pair of brown heels. I had a pair that I never wore. I looked at them and thought, "What would these have to look like in order for me to want to wear them."
I took my fabric scissors and made it so. See the difference?

Now I have a pretty pair of brown leather shoes that I love!

Other notes in case you try this at home:
  • I didn't just attack the shoes with my scissors. I traced a pattern of what I wanted to cut off before going at it. Try using a pencil or something with a soft tip as to not damage the shoe, but whose could easily be removed if necessary (I used a crayon)
  • Once you have traced your line and cut, you will see the lining of the shoe. There may be a less ghetto way, but I used a marker to cover the white that was showing. Try to match the color of the lining (mine was black even though it was a brown shoe)

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