Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Five Petal Paper Flower- Paper Folding Party, Day 2

If you are like me and need Spring to be here, like yesterday, then this happy flower is sure to brighten your mood.

What you need:
  • 5 completely square pieces of paper- I used a 12x12 piece and cut into fourths
  • Glue
Five Petal Paper Flower

Gather five pieces of completely square paper.

Fold the bottom right corner to the, making a triangle

Turn your triangle so the long side is facing you. Fold the right corner up to the top of the triangle. Repeat on other side.

Take the newly formed right flap and fold down to the edge of the square. Repeat on left side.

Open the right skinny triangle up slightly and press into a diamond shape. Repeat on left side.

The top of the diamonds will poke up over the edge, fold these down so they line up with the rest of the creation.
Take the right flap and fold up. Repeat on left side.

Put a tiny amount of glue on the top right and left corners of your petal and connect. Hold in place until you feel it is securely fastened.
Repeat steps 1-8 four more times until you have five petals. Glue petals together into flower shape.

Hope these steps aren't too confusing. Let me know if you get stuck anywhere along the way!

Thanks for joining me for Day 2 of the Paper Folding Party! Join me tomorrow for a paper accordion scrapbook from the How-To Gal archives.

P.S. Have a paper creation you would like to learn how to make? Email me and I will figure it out and post a tutorial!


  1. So cute! And I have a ton of scrapbook paper I could use!

    Just stopping by from Today's Creative to say hi! Just signed up to follow you too. Stop by when you get a chance http://juliechats.blogspot.com. I'm always looking for a few more crafty followers!

  2. So cool! I think you could make a dress out of these. Could you sew them together? How amazing would that be?

  3. These are so pretty! I featured you on my blog! http://aworldofcrafts.blogspot.com/2011/01/make-paper-flower.html

  4. What a lovely tutorial, thank you so much for sharing and I will be sure to do the same by adding it to The Handmade Flower Directory @ http://www.flowewrpot-design.com


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