Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where oh Where

Dear Blog and Projects Taking Up Space in My Garage-

You may have been wondering where I've been. It's simple. I love and miss you, but I have a beautiful three month old baby who (thank goodness) sleeps through the night...meaning she does not take naps longer than 15 minutes during the day. Sanding, painting and crafting have been replaced by singing silly songs, dealing with fussiness and dancing around the house with said baby.

Hope to see you soon- perhaps during the middle of the night? (bet my neighbors would LOVE that)

The How-To Gal

P.S. How do all of you SAHMs craft your hearts out with little ones at home?


  1. Ah, been there. I didn't get back into crafting/projects until my son was 6 months old. Now that he's almost 2, he helps me with most of my projects. His favorite is "painting" with mod podge. I'm sure that his occasional sitters will be confused when he tries to paint on their lamp shades during art time.

  2. sleeping through the night???? What;'s that?? My madi is 6 months old and takes great naps! nighttime?? not so much. I craft on the weekends when my hubs is home to help!

  3. You have to wait it out, unfortunately. Use those little naps as time to recover for youself. The first few months aren't easy.
    I was fortunate enough to have my daughter sleeping through the night at 3 months, so I could go back to my normal self. But being such a sleepy gal, I'm trying not to think of the mornings when I have to physically shove her out of bed in her teenage years =P

  4. Well, I can't personally give you any hope at all. My blog is in a state of perpetual hold and always has been. My daughters are almost 6 and almost 3, and the only thing that gives me time to do anything is all-day-kindergarten coupled with twice a week preschool for 3 hours. It's not much, for sure. Sometimes I can get the little one interested in something on her own, but it's more rare than not. I don't know how you feel about this now, but I know that when my first was about 8 months old Baby Einstein became my best friend. She only got one blessed, quiet half hour per day, but it was like a small miracle back then.

  5. Yeah, I dont' have anything of hope to say to you- it only gets worse as they get more mobile. But now at 18 months Daniel is finally able to sit and play alone in his room, or to watch a half hour of Veggie Tales here or there, and I'm slowly getting my life back... until the next one comes along.

  6. I hear you!!!

    I NEED a good 45 mins a day to myself so even if my baby cries, i let her stay in her crib for at least 45 mins. (I let all my babies cry themselves to sleep)

    BTW- I love checking out your blog you are so inspirational!

  7. Congrats on your little one! It's really hard to get anything done until they turn 6 months old!

  8. With the first, you can get back to projects sometime between 6 mos.-1 yr. I, for now, have decided that this season of my life is one devoted to the project of children. It takes all of my creativity to care for them--especially when my 2 mo. old isn't sleeping through the night consistently. I just know I can't do everything at once, but someday, this season of my life will change and I'll eventually have more time to do fun projects.


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