Thursday, November 12, 2009

The How-To Gal's Christmas Gift Guide- Grandmothers

Welcome to the third week of The How-To Gal's Handmade Christmas Gift Guide featuring DIY gifts for all of the Grandmas out there. I distinctly remember two Christmas gifts given to me by my grandmother and both were handmade. She made me a quillow one year and a beautiful pink hand knit scarf another year. Both gifts I cherish to this day. I think it's time to give back!

Join me in giving Grandma something she will cherish this year and make sure to link up at the end of the post with any other ideas you happen upon!

Let's Get Started!

Link up more ideas for Grandma here:


  1. I saw you on DIY show off! Shout out!

  2. Hey, thanks for featuring our ruffle pillow tutorial! And I love the MckLinky. I've been trying to figure out exactly how it works so I can do it on my own site one of these days, and I just wanted to say I LOVE the way you used it! =)


  3. Ok, so I've come across this blog several times to admire others' craftiness, and I just saw a picture on your mantel. I couldn't believe it was you!! Such a great blog, and I'm totally impressed with your creativity.


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