Tuesday, September 22, 2009

White and Blue with Flowers All Over

Those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile may recall this post. The other day while at a local thrift store, I stumbled upon my own diamond in the rough:

And turned it into something better:

There are tons of ideas out there on how to cover furniture with different materials: fabric, paper, etc. But HOW do you get just the right shape? After a few attempts with this little baby, I have a great solution. Because the top of my magazine stand was an intricate shape, I laid a piece of tissue paper on top of it and traced around the edges with the side of a pencil. By doing this I got the exact shape I needed to cut out of paper.

I taped the tissue paper right side facing the wrong side of my wrapping paper and cut around it. Result: a perfectly fitting piece of paper to grace the top.

Then I mod podged the paper to the top. By laying down the paper on the mod podge slowly, and massaging the bubbles out as I went, it decreased the bumpiness of the finished product.

VoilĂ !


  1. ow cute would this be in my surfing bathroom?! That's MMM-AZING! Great Job!

  2. You amaze me Anna rose. Honestly. That's incredible. Well done!

  3. It's beautiful. Great, great job. :)

  4. Hi there How-to Gal! What a great job you did. You rock the Podge. I'm a follower now!


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