Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Red Fox Furnishings: Local Business Gush

I love re-furbishing furniture, but sometimes (okay most of the time) my pieces just don't look as good as if a professional had done them. Recently, I was able to go to the grand opening of a local business in town: Red Fox Furnishings. Not only to they do refurbishes, but they will BUILD you any type of sofa, chair or ottoman according to your specifications for pretty reasonable prices. I am in love with (okay drooling over) the following pieces:


  1. This is awesome! Their prices aren't that bad, either. Seriously under $1K for a completely custom couch? Oh gosh, I think I'm in.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Love the chair and the green couch!

  3. Hey, just stumbled on your blog- I also enjoy refurbishing/making old things new again. Love the tufted pieces, I've been SO into tufting lately.

    X Lauren

  4. Well hey there! I featured you again on my blog today! Thanks so mcuh!

  5. I wonder what material the red couch is made out of? Perhaps it would be comfortable...


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