Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Eyesore

After reading this inspirational post at Living with Lindsay, I decided to cover my eyesore...the breaker box RIGHT outside of our bedroom. Seriously couldn't put it in the closet?

I measured the size of the breaker box and headed to my local thrift store for an appropriatly sized frame. Found this one- a little spendy for my blood at $9.99, but I figured it was a nice sturdy frame complete with glass...and maybe my mom would like the original picture so I snatched it up. Here are the simple steps I took to transform this baby:

Step one: Removed the glass and backing. Cleaned the glass and set it inside.
Step two: Spray painted it black- two coats.
Step three: When spray paint was dry (read back of can for drying time) I covered it with a light polyurethane coat to make it extra shiny.
Step four: Found my 2008 Italy calendar and cut a month out. Taped it to the back of the previous picture's mat and closed off the frame.

No more eyesore!


  1. This is wonderful! Great job! I like how you used an old calendar.

  2. You mean to tell me, you didn't want to keep the lovely floral and water can picture? :-p

  3. This is wonderful! Great job!!!!looking fantastic...thanks for sharing..

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  4. The safety side of me is screaming at this one! :) It looks nice though, just don't let get a business going in your home employing too many people or you'll have to remove that or risk getting fined by OSHA! :) Hope you're well!

  5. Gosh, sorry, I meant to post this in the first link! It's geared towards the workplace, but it's food for thought for the home as well.


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