Monday, August 31, 2009

Copper Headboard

The time has come to reveal a project that I have been excited about for awhile now. You see a few weeks ago I found these fabulous copper lamps at a yard sale, $5 for both of them (I know, AMAZING!!)

I was inspired.

I knew I had to play off of them some how to tie them to the rest of the room so I began googling images of copper back splashes to give me ideas for a headboard.

I came across this image and knew it was what I wanted our headboard to look like:

My version:
Don't like the copper, but like the concept? Let me show you how to make your own headboard out of nothing more than plywood and paper.

What you need:
  • Piece of plywood to fit behind your bed
  • Approx. 30 pieces of paper (10 of each color if you use three colors)
  • Spray adhesive
  • Paint to match room
Let's Get Started!

Go to Lowes, Home Depot or your favorite hardware store that sells large pieces of plywood. Most give you two free cuts with your purchase which will allow you to get your wood cut to the size you want. I had my piece cut to 3ft x 6ft to fit behind our queen bed

Sand the edges of the plywood to smooth it...remember this part will still be visible from the side of your bed.

Paint around the edges of the plywood a color to match your room. You can skip this step if you intend to cover the edges with paper as well.

Cut your paper into random shapes and sizes.

Spray your board with the spray adhesive and firmly press the pieces into place. This part works much easier if you have an idea of how this will look. You will want to place your pieces quickly before the glue dries to ensure a secure hold. I chose to do this as randomly as possible to make it look like my inspirational image.

Let the pieces dry overnight and then hang behind your bed!

Here is the before and after in my room:

Updated: I'm linking this post to Kimba's "Do It Yourself Day" blog party. Stop by and check out all of the fun DIY projects!


  1. Wow! Anna Rose! That looks so amazing. I am extremely, extremely impressed!

  2. Cool headboard! Love the step by steps you provide.

    I came over from 320 Sycamore to see your mouse pad. Love it!

    Can't wait to look through some more of your blog.

  3. Nice to meet you How-to Gal!! I love your headboard idea and taking a glance at the "you might also likes" I can tell you have some really cool projects going on!! I'm going to have to stay and visit a while. Thanks for the link!!
    ~Andy @ P@P

  4. What a neat idea- it turned out great!

  5. That is awesome! Came over from ASPTL today. -Kelsee

  6. I Love that baby E is on your before pic!!

  7. Oh that is gorgeous! I just found the headboard for the guest room that I didn't know I was looking for. ;)


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