Thursday, August 27, 2009

Circular Wreath

While shopping at Robert's for my next project (so exciting, keep an eye out!) I saw a circular wreath in a pot that I knew I husband would probably disagree...but I needed it. Price tag- $45!?! Time it took me to decide to make my own version...45 seconds.

I took this:

and turned it into this:

Total cost: $2.24

Here's how:

  • -Went to a local thrift store and found a brand new wreath form for $1.99.
  • -Took it home and with the spray adhesive and extra moss I had from this project covered the form.
  • -Stuffed a terracotta pot I had laying around (and already spray painted black) with plastic bags and covered the bags with a layer of moss.
  • -Glued the wreath on top of the pot.
  • -VoilĂ , a beautiful knockoff at a fraction of the price.


  1. I can't see the after picture-

    Just coming over for a visit. I have changed all of my buttons.
    I have the Knock Off Knock Out party on Mondays and we have a brand new party starting this week. It will be every Wed and featuring Holiday Decor and/or tasty treats. Come on by.

    Its So Very Cheri

  2. I love it! You transformed it.

  3. Oh your site is too cute!! SO many fun finds!!!

    Thanks for adding it to the blog roll overt at Blue Cricket!!!


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