Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just Cover It Baby

My tip for today seems like a no brainer, but I find that when I see someone else's projects it inspires me. So here we go.

We are almost completely moved into our new home! Biggest downside to moving? All of the money you have to this weekend, fed up with spending money, I decided that instead of spending mulah, I would just give some old things I had a face lift.

First need? Organization for my crafty stuff. Already spent WAY too much on cute baskets for the walk-in closet, so I decided to give a few of our moving boxes a new life.

Recognize the pattern? Used the napkins from this project and then covered the whole thing with packing tape. Now I have a convenient little box for all my stuff!

Second need was to match my previous kitchen accessories with the new kitchen. Decided to cover my ceramic spoon holder (what are those things called anyway) which my husband made for me when we were dating (how sweet) with some wrapping paper purchased at a yard sale for $.10. I then just gave it a quick coat of polyurethane to make it durable and washable.

Voila! When in a money crunch don't buy something new, just cover something you already have with an updated fabric, paper, etc!

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  1. Holy cow! You are so crafty. It amazes me. That trellis (as the spoon holder is called) is suuuper cute!


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