Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm back!

I'm alive! After weeks of moving, being without internet and just plain too tired to post, I am back. Good thing too since Father's Day is only a week away and there are so many good DIY ideas floating out there, I had to share.

Check these DIY ties from Purl Bee. Step-by-step instructions here on how to make that special man in your life look fabulous.

Your man not a tie sort of guy? How about a gift card to his favorite restaurant or department store carefully placed in one of these AWESOME tool box tins dreamed up by Alpha Mom?

Whatever you choose to give this Father's Day, seriously consider making part of your gift. It will definitely mean more to the recipient.


  1. Those ties are flippin' fantastic...I think I may have to give it a shot or should I say sew and cutting!

  2. I saw those ties the other day and might have to head to the local fabric shop that has awesome fabric I could use for this project.


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