Monday, May 18, 2009

Yard Sale Secrets

I love me a good yard sale. And this weekend, I held one of my own. I thought after years of helping my mom with hers and attending several every week, I would be fully prepared. It went well, but boy do I have some tips for you.
  1. Have all items priced before you set them out the morning of.
  2. Price items according to what you would pay for it at a yard sale. It doesn't matter if you spent $50 on a pair of shoes, no one is going to pay $10 for a pair of used heels. Ask yourself, "What would I pay?"
  3. ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE! I posted our sale on craigslist, a local newspaper's website, facebook and any online free listing I could find in my area. Then, the morning of, I had the hubby take signs to busy roads directing them to the sale. Helpful Hint:Don't hand write these signs. How many handwritten signs to you see taped to poles on the side of the road that you CAN NOT read? I recommend making some signs in Word, printing them out on brightly colored paper and then taping/gluing the paper to a piece of cardboard. Super easy to read and distribute.
  4. If you have time, organize items with like items. Put all of the kitchen stuff together and people will pick up more than one item-especially if they go together, ie measuring cups and a spatula.
  5. Have a table specifically for electronics with an extension cord running to that table. People will want to make sure the item they are buying actually works...even if it is only $0.50. I had a light bulb next to the "pay" table to show customers the lamps worked. This prevented me from having to give the bulb to the person.
  6. If you have furniture, set it up as it would look in your home. Who cares if the items don't match? Put the side table next to the couch with a coffee table in front. Guaranteed the items will go quicker.
  7. Make sure if you live in a culdesac (like me) that people can see your items from the main passing road. If you are tucked in the corner, no one will stop. Make signs with arrows directing the people into the culdesac.
  8. If you don't have a TON of stuff to sell, ask your friends or family if they want to join in a group effort with you. People will just drive by if they don't see a lot of stuff in your yard. The more junk, the better!
  9. Be willing to dicker with people, remember, you are trying to unload all of this stuff...probably giving it to Goodwill later anyway. Don't ever turn someone away from the item. $0.50 is better than giving it away for nothing.
  10. Wear sunscreen! I got totally crispified :)
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  1. See, now I am totally wishing I had gone to your yardsale. Stupid vacations!! So true about selling something for $.50 rather than giving it away later. A week ago I saw some Tae-Bo VHS tapes and a bag of lawn games. They wanted $6 for the tapes and there was no price on the lawn games. I offered $5 for all of it, which I thought was VERY generous. The woman kept trying to tell me she bought the tapes for $50 back in the day. In the end, I walked away, and she probably had to give the tapes away. If it's too important to lower your price to a reasonable level, you probably shouldn't be selling it.

  2. I was pretty proud of our $11. Yeah.

  3. What a great list. I would love to have a yard sale but I feel like we don't have any "good stuff" that people would want. I may need to rethink this.


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