Monday, April 20, 2009

Trash to Treasure- Cork Board

Found at a thrift store for $3. I cleaned off as much of the marker as I could, took off the back panel/cork, covered with my extra fabric from the Easy place mats tutorial and replaced the cork/back panel. Pretty cute, huh?

Try this same technique to spice up an old picture frame, a dated clock, a shelf or a wooden calendar holder. Never underestimate the power of an awesome fabric!

UPDATE: 08/21/2013
After another facelift, here is what the bulletin board looks like today!


  1. This is very cute. Laura

  2. Love that fabric. Great trash to treasure transformation. Thanks for linking up to the party. I love your blog!

  3. Very cute! Love the idea of using fabric scraps, I have tons of them!

  4. great idea, i've always used scrapbook paper. possibilities are endless when you use fabric- No Size Restriction! love it! (i found you via reinvented's linky party!)

  5. and that fabric is so stinkin' cute. wow. i gotta get myself down to Joanns. I just spend so much money when I do finally get there but i LOVE it! **hey, if you ever want to post about rag quilts -(the newest, biggest thing in quilting), I have some cute pictures of some that I have made and there are lots of good instructions that I have found over the internet. Let me know if you want to do a post about it--I would help you out!

  6. oh...but, you don't have to AT ALL if you don't want. just a suggestion. :)

  7. oh love your corkboard, its like the best of both worlds, artwork and corkboard all in one.

  8. Whoa. U.G.L.Y. to fabulous! I really like that adorable fabric on there.

  9. Wow. That looks so awesome.

    Stopping by from SITS to say welcome and hello :)


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